The Avocado Nursery was started in the early 1980’s as a Drip Irrigation Store. Over the years we have fine tuned our drip systems down to the most remarkable and reliable parts.

We offer free design for watering systems for your garden. This service is available on Thursdays by appointment. We also offer free landscape design. Both services are done by a Master Gardener with extensive experience in the Sonoran Desert. (See a sample garden water system design below).

Supplies in stock:

  • Materials to adapt  to your home water outlets.
  • Battery operated clocks/timers.
  • PVC pipe (the best of Poly Tubing in several sizes).
  • 5 types of emitters: Flag, Adjustable, Chapins, GH misters, etc.

*Other garden related materials also in stock.

Sample drip-system plan for a simple home garden:



A – 1        Digital hose faucet timer with faucet connector. (Orbit™ Eco)                   $38.20

B – 1        Swivel hose connector with screen.                                                                     $1.93

*C – 100′  1/2″ Poly. (From “B” to garden boxes) $0.10/FT                                           $9.50

D – 3        1/4:” Tee adapter. (Punch into 1/2″ poly) $0.09 Each                                   $0.27

*E – 50′    Roll of 1/4″ poly feeder tube. $0.05/FT                                                            $2.50

F – 6        Adjustable stake emitters. (One / 2’x 2′ plant box) $0.65 Each                    $3.90

G – 1        Figure 8 closure at end of 1/2″ line.                                                                    $0.22

H – 1       Hole punch to insert 1/4″ tees.                                                                             $0.74

   Complete System:    $61.10
(inc. tax)

* We can cut drip tube to any length.


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