Monthly Farmer’s Market

Our Creative Farmer’s Markets are held every second SATURDAY of each month!!

Vendors Welcome. 

Upcoming Creative Craft Market held ever 2nd Saturday of each month

Call (520-723-4480) for more information or if interested in being a vendor.

With your help, our market will become THE MOST CREATIVE IN PINAL COUNTY!

More events and info


Join one of our many workshops. Stay tuned for upcoming dates in the Events page!

32 thoughts on “Events

  1. Why not post up what time it starts and ends?

    1. Ahh, Yes thank you Jan, we will start to do so for the coming fall markets that we will be picking up again in September 13, 2014. From what we have decided with the end of this weeks market is that the next one will be starting 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

  2. Why not post up what time the farmer’s market starts and ends?

  3. Jack, what are the hours for the Creative Market on January 9, 2016? We all want to know!

    1. Market will be starting at 10 am going ’til 2 pm. If you are a vendor setting up time is at 9 am. Hope to see you next year. Happy New Year !

      1. Hi Phil, Are you offering vending in month of November 2016? if so what day?

      2. Yes, we are. It will be November 12th from 8 am to 12 pm. Space es are 10 X 10 if you like to be a vendor.

      3. Hi Judy, the upcoming market is December 10th from 10 am to 2 pm.

  4. I would like to be a vendor for the 12/10 date. Do you still have room?

    1. Yes we sure do. We welcome you. Please what the name of your booth, number and email for future markets? There is $5 fee for a space of 10 x 10.

  5. When is your next farmers market? Thinking about being a vendor.

  6. Maria Themistocleous says:

    could you please let me know if there is a farmers market this year 2017 and if yes, what day of the week and date it starts? thank you much,

    1. Good morning Maria, yes there will be a 2017 farmer’s market starting up again in the fall OCTOBER 14TH -SECOND SATURDAY of each month from than on til April or May dependant on weather.

  7. I would like to be a vendor at the craft market. Can you tell me what day the next one is, the cost and what I need to do? Thanks so much! Julies Crafts

    1. The upcoming Craft Fair is February 10th, 9am to 1pm. Space $10, part of fee goes towards advertisement and scholarship for 10 X 10 space. Please bring table and chair

    2. The upcoming Craft Fair is February 10th, 9am to 1pm. Space $10, part of fee goes towards advertisement and scholarship for 10 X 10 space. Please bring table and chair.

  8. The time for the Farmers Market? Plus the cost for vendor please?

    1. Todays market was cancelled. Next one is November 10th from 9am to 1pm.

  9. Hi,
    I winter near Casa Grande and am a Color Street stylist. Do you allow direct sales marketing vendors at your farmers market or creative markets? Color Street is 100% nail polish strips that are dry. The ladies sure have fun with them. Thanks you for any help.
    Gina Britt

    1. Hi Gina, we sure do. New vendors are always welcome. Currently the market is on Summer break and will be re-Satrting Sepetember 14th. The markets are held every second Saturday of each month.

  10. Are you having an event Jan. 18, 2020?

  11. Does your Nursery have a community garden?

    1. Yes we do we do have. The only not many have not continue to come due to the distance travel. There are currently only 2 members starting their garden. The fee is $20 month for water usage. No other fees.

  12. Michelle L Mast says:

    I just heard about the farmers market tomorrow and would like to be a vendor. Please call me at 573-338-0142. Thank you 😊


    Are the Saturday creative fair still going on? And if so is it still the second Saturday or has it changed? Also, how big is the spot and what is the cost please.


    Curtis Dearborn

    1. Good Morning Curtis, unfortunately the Creative Fairs have been put on hold due to

    2. Hold has been due to our current situation with Covid. We are hoping to get back with the events in the fall of 2021.

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