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  • Acres of plants meant to grow in this area (Casa Grande, Phoenix, Tucson, and throughout Pinal County).  We have two growing areas in Arizona- Douglas and Casa Grande.


  • The majority of our greenery is grown by us.  These plants have lived in this climate all their lives; they can take the extreme temperatures.


  • Here at Distinctive Earthscapes, we have four (4) Master Gardeners from the University of Arizona, and everyone comes from a landscaping background.
  • Phil Bond, owner, has taught vocational agriculture and horticulture courses for over 30 years and is a third generation Arizonan.
  • There is no place on earth that can better serve you with your planting and landscaping needs in Arizona.


  • Bring in a plant plan and we will help sketch and arrange a distinctive landscape for you.


  • We keep prices low by having our own water wells, being out of city limits, growing most plants from seed—up to 24” box size, and by trading products with other AZ growers.
  • Because we grow most of our own plants and trees, we are not only able to keep prices low, but, more importantly, keep quality high.  We grow products like they are in our own yards, because they are.

Take The Time To Look Us Over

  • Our highway frontage is narrow, but don’t let that fool you. We actually go back a quarter mile east.  Take the time to look in all the greenhouses, propagation areas, wholesale/growing spots, cactus zones, and water ponds.


  • Thanks to people just like you, we have become one of the largest retail nurseries in Pinal County. Our emphasis is growing plants for your landscape projects, but our passion is treating customers like you with respect, and helping you be successful with your landscaping dreams.

457 Responses to Cover Page

  1. Richard Rietz says:

    I am at Palm Creek & now have killed two Arizona Sweet orange trees….so I am giving up!!!!
    How about a Bottle Brush pruned to develop into a tree rather than a “schrub”?

    • pinalphil says:

      Yes, that can be done. You can either do a lemon bottle brush and train into a tree (growd 10′ H x 5-8′ W) $75 – 15 gallon or a bottle brush tree standard with growth 15′ H x 10′ W, $70 – 15 gallon container.

      • Dick Rietz says:

        We will come & visit mid-October

      • pinalphil says:

        Sounds good. Should a bit cooler, See you than.

  2. Ed Fitts says:

    Do you sell potted geraniums?

    • pinalphil says:

      We sure do. They’re in 4″ pots $3.50 each. We’ve closed early today due yo rain. Tomorrow open 7 to 12 again.

  3. Ken says:

    Do you have Chilean Mequite trees?

  4. Kelli linke says:

    Do you carry Chinese Sedum succelent there?

  5. John Thomas says:

    I have an 8ft Saguaro cactus in my front yard. Would you have any interest in this?

    • pinalphil says:

      We would love to take the saguaro but do not have the equipment for moving it. We recommend to contact Age Landscape and or Epifini if they might be interested in it. Thank you f9r contacting us.

  6. Karen says:

    Do you have spiral Cactus?

    • pinalphil says:

      We only have a variety of totem pole that spiral. We are searching for more of the blue spiral cereus cactus

  7. Sandy Morin says:

    How can I contact them to place a Rose Bush order?

    • pinalphil says:

      Looks like this year Fall suppliers will not have much roses out. We’ve contacted and are saying that supply will be out for spring mid-January to March instead..

  8. Deborah Buie RN says:

    I am hoping you have 5 gray thorn bushes please?

  9. Tracy says:

    What are your hours?

  10. William M Wiseman says:

    Do you have a Texas Ebony if so how much and do you deliver to Casa Grande?

    • pinalphil says:

      Yes we do. 5gal $25, 15gal sale price $50, 24″box sale price $129. Delivery $45.

  11. Don Helmuth says:

    Do you sell desert poppies

  12. Karen S Glaittli says:

    Just a quick note to Phil,
    Thanks for an Amazing tour , valuable knowledge and the lovely gifts, We hope to come back and see you again soon.
    If your ever out our way Tacoma/ Seattle WA. Please look us up. We would love to show you around.
    Your friends Rokky and sunshine Glaittli

  13. Phyllis Sidwell says:

    What kind of small(4′-5′ across by 4′-5′ height) fruit tree or shrub would grow best in my raised bed. It would not only have to take the heat but cold from south west corner, and white flies? I already have enough citrus so I don’t want anymore. Would a pomegranate be hardy enough? There would be no shade. However we do have automatic irrigation system.

    • pinalphil says:

      A pomegranate bush would do wonderful in your raised bed, does not attract whiteflies, takes full sun, does go dormant in winter only dependant on temperature, and when dormant it is when to trim to keep small.

  14. James Hamilton says:

    Do you have climbing trumpet viens

  15. Mary Ann Marquez says:

    Hi Phil we have lots of white spots on our cacti, I’m not sure of the proper name, but they are very very big prickly pear. Someone told me this is a fungus, and that a lot of it could be sprayed off. When I did this, the white area was” bleeding” reddish liquid! Now the little black ants seem to be eating away at these. Please advise!

    • pinalphil says:

      The white spots is an insect called cochineal. It is normal for a red dye to come out from the cotton look covering the cochineal insect, which means that the insect is being killed. You can also dry the insect with rubbing alcohol and water. With this treatment ants will not be attracted to the cochineal.

  16. Do you have Joshua trees? If so, what is their price range?

    • pinalphil says:

      We only have in small size maybe 3 inches. Waiting for supply a but bigger than this for next week Thursday.

      • Hi, Phil. Sorry I can’t sell my books with you; I just cannot handle the heavy tables and canopy any more. Miss you. For the Joshua Tree, next week is perfect. How large and what cost range?

      • pinalphil says:

        Size and price will be known once delivery has arrived. We will keep you informed.

  17. LuAnn Hanson says:

    I am staying in Arizona City. I am looking for a unique potted cactus to take back to MN for my daughter. Looking forward to coming out to check out what you have!

    • pinalphil says:

      That would be wonderful. We are open Mon-Fri 7am to 4pm and Saturday 7am to 3pm

  18. Christiaan Brown says:

    Do you have Asclepias tuberosa L. Seeds or plants. We would like to plant this in our front yard for the bees and hummingbirds.

    • pinalphil says:

      Currently have 1-5gal with yellow bloom and 1-5gal both colors yellow & orange in same container $17 ea.

  19. Diana says:

    Do you have anyone that comes to the house and trims the fruit trees? We are not sure what to do with the frozen branches at the top

    • pinalphil says:

      Yes we do provide trimming of fruits. Labor is $45 per hour per person.

    • pinalphil says:

      You are still in a good time to do trimming. We currently are a 2 week wait for appointment.

      • David Tappy says:

        Do you have dwarf citrus in stock yet and if so, how much?  Thank you very much.

      • pinalphil says:

        Not yet. We are receiving order on Tuesday 19th at around 8am. Please give us and hour to unload truck and we can help you. Thank you.

      • David Tappy says:

        Thank you very much.

      • How much do you charge to trim palms?

      • pinalphil says:

        We are still good for 2 months in trimming trees, shrubs, and ground covers. Labor is $45 the hour for pruning. The max height that we trim is 6 feet. Nothing taller.

  20. lunsmann says:

    Do you have lilac bushes?

    • pinalphil says:

      We do not carry lilac bushes. We do sell lilac vines that will be available on Saturday.

  21. lunsmann says:

    Do you have Texas Mountain Laurel?

  22. Jan says:

    Do you carry Bambusa Oldhamii or another clumping bamboo?

    • pinalphil says:

      Hi Jan, no not the variety you are looking it is different. Mr Bond calls it fishing pole bamboo looks similar to sugar cane but does grow tall maybe 12 tall or more. Gray blue color. Bareroot Cluster -$10, and if you dig no charge.

      • Jan Gianoplos says:

        Is this a variety that is non invasive? Thanks for your help, Jan

      • pinalphil says:

        stays contained in area that is well water. will not spread if not watered.

  23. Bonnie Ohden says:

    I purchased an Australian bottle tree, 15 gal size, March 8. I planted the tree, it’s leaves are shriveling up and drying out. I think it may be dying. Do you have a return policy on plants that die?

    • pinalphil says:

      Yes we do, 30 day guranatee. Sounds like the tree is in transplant strees. How often is it being water now? And do you have a well around base of tree? Since you uave reached out we will extend gaurante but please give it time to come out of stress before you pull it out of the ground and double shock it will come out of this. Adel

  24. Ellen Downing says:

    Do you have any Saguaro?

  25. Sharon Shepard says:

    Do carry Tropicana rose bushes?

  26. Roger Lawrence says:

    Phil,I think I overheard you telling someone at the Mastergardener conference on Saturday that you have some trees discounted? I’d like to put something in our front yard thanks Roger Lawrence

  27. Chantal D says:

    Do you happen to sell apple trees? If so, how much are they? Thanks!

  28. Jack Penrod says:

    Do you have Little Cado or Wurtz Avocado trees?

    • pinalphil says:

      Sorry, but we do not sell avocado trees. The nursery sells more of Sonoran Desrt Plants.

    • pinalphil says:

      Sorry we not carry Avocado tree. The nursery is call the Avocado we sell sonorn desert plants.

  29. Janice Custis says:

    I am looking for a good shade tree for my front yard have been interested in a red push but am open to suggestions

    • pinalphil says:

      Red push pistache is good idea. Another is Brazilian pepper, African Sumac, and Australian Bottle. Research these and see which you might like they are a good shade tree.

  30. Eyle Ferguson says:

    Do you have citrus fruit trees? What about fig trees?

    • pinalphil says:

      Yes we have citrus tree in 5gal $45 and 15gal $95, we are out of stock on Navel range and Arizona sweet. Figs 5gal $24 and 15gal $75…tena fig (white fruit) and black mission (dark pruprle and dry rich flavour)

  31. Sue says:

    Do you have desert ferns, Lysiloma?

  32. Heather. Fouts says:

    I would like to know if you have any Vinca.

  33. Glisten Lee says:

    I am looking for an avocado variety calls Marvel Avocado.
    I wonder can I buy some of the stems from you?
    Many thanks, good day and God bless.

  34. heelermomof3 says:

    Do you carry the Jacaranda tree?

    • pinalphil says:

      We do carry but are currently out. New supply will be availabl Friday afternoon. But please message or give a call to confirm arrival.

      • heelermomof3 says:

        I will, Thank you!

  35. Matt Davenport says:

    We would like to put some low maintenance cacti/succulents in the front of our school to make it look a little more appealing. I talked to Rick Gibson and he gave me some pointers. I am ordering a couple of Brickel Vase Resin Planters, 26.5 in Ht x 22.5 in. Dia. for them to be planted in. Can you give me some suggestions of pictures to look at? They will be located at the entrance of our school. I would like them to be anywhere from 3 – 6 ft tall. Thank you for your time.

  36. Daniel says:

    Hello I’m looking to plant an orange tree and peach tree in my yard here in Casa Grande. I’d like the full size trees and not the dwarf. Would you be able to give me prices on those?

    • pinalphil says:

      24″Box orange Navel or Az Sweet $345, 15gal Navel $95 with height of 2-3ft gal, Navel and Arizona Sweet oranges in 5gal will be availbe Spetember. In stock 5gal Valencia $45.

  37. heelermomof3 says:

    Thank you again for the information on the Jacaranda. After researching some more I ended up bringing home these little ones from your store; Texas Mountain Laurel Tree, Blue Hibiscus Tree, Red Leaf Plum Tree, & Yellow Bird of Paradise shrub. Can’t wait to see them all grow and bloom!

    I have a new question; What ground cover and/or shrubs do you recommend as a natural cat repellent?

  38. Robin Weimer says:

    Do you sell vegetables and if so, what do you have in stock

    • pinalphil says:

      Hi Robin, we pretty much hold of with vegebles for the Summer due to them drying with extreme heat. But they can be started by seed if you like yo start a summer garden. Mr Bond has made a vegetable planting calendar of this area if you would like I can email it to you.

  39. Karen says:

    I live in Florence and I’m looking for a shade tree my dogs can retreat under when they are in the backyard. Preferably something that the roots don’t grow outward but more down and something that doesn’t make a huge mess like the beautiful yellow trees that bloom and dump! Any ideas? Oh, and not too expensive?

    • pinalphil says:

      The only 2-trees that come to mind are Australian bottle 15 gal $69-homegrown, 24″box $249-broker and Southern Live Oak 15gal $85-brokered.

  40. Vanessa says:

    Do you have orange trees and are they the edible ones? If so what sizes do you have and what are the price ranges on them?
    Thank you

    • pinalphil says:

      We do have a few orange trees to select from that will produce edible fruit, dwarf valencia orange, dwarf and standard minniola tangelo, 5gal $45. 15gal Navel oranges but not too big only stand at 2-3 ft, 15gal $ 69.

  41. Marquee B Ramirez says:

    I heard you sell desert tortoises is this true?if you do how much are they my mom wants one.. Thank you

    • pinalphil says:

      No, we do not sell desert tortoise. A variety of water turtles-red razor.

    • Cheri Grubbs says:

      Arizona Game and Fish has land Tortoises for sale.

  42. Joey says:

    Are you looking for someone to trim the palms

    • pinalphil says:

      The owner from palm trees across the road is looking for help on Saturdays call for Landis Mitchell

  43. Steff says:

    How can I sell my art?

    • pinalphil says:

      Sell your art here at The Creative Market. The market will get back in the groove on September 14th. It is held every 2nd Saturday of each thru April sometime May depends on how warm it might by than. Fee of $10 , space is 10 x 10. Please bring you own table, chairs, and or canopy….for we do not provide. Setting up hours will be from 7am to 9am. When yoy the Avocado Nursery, please let myself (Adel) or Joyce know if you will be assisting.

  44. Cheri Grubbs says:

    Planning a trip out there on Monday! So happy I found you.

  45. Ken says:

    Is it a bad time to plant a Chilean mesquite? We live in Eloy.

    • pinalphil says:

      No, a Chilean Mesquite tree can be planted any time of the year. From 5gal to 24″Box.

      • Ken Blondeaux says:

        We bout one in CG last year. I think we are looking at another very soon. What prices do you have?

      • pinalphil says:

        5gal $17-$25 depends on height, 1ft to 5ft. 15gal $59 only have at 4ft height. 24″box $215 range height 5 to 8ft.

  46. Cheri Grubbs says:

    Mr. Phil, can I get your vegetable planting guide emailed to me please? I am trying some Heirloom seeds this year and just need some help knowing when to start my seeds here in Phoeniz. Thank you in asvance.

  47. Kim Sundling says:

    I’m looking for a Mexican Bird of Paradise plant with orange and yellow flowers. I’ve seen them around town here in CG and wonder if you have any. Thank you!

  48. Jeanne says:

    My mother LOVES to grow plants and HATES to leave them when she visits me out of state because, invariably, some die with the “foreign waterer.” She just came back from a visit & lost quite a few! She has a birthday tomorrow and I would like to get her a gift certificate so she can pick out some more. Is this possible from out of state?

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