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  • Acres of plants meant to grow in this area (Casa Grande, Phoenix, Tucson, and throughout Pinal County).  We have two growing areas in Arizona- Douglas and Casa Grande.


  • The majority of our greenery is grown by us.  These plants have lived in this climate all their lives; they can take the extreme temperatures.


  • Here at Distinctive Earthscapes, we have four (4) Master Gardeners from the University of Arizona, and everyone comes from a landscaping background.
  • Phil Bond, owner, has taught vocational agriculture and horticulture courses for over 30 years and is a third generation Arizonan.
  • There is no place on earth that can better serve you with your planting and landscaping needs in Arizona.


  • Bring in a plant plan and we will help sketch and arrange a distinctive landscape for you.


  • We keep prices low by having our own water wells, being out of city limits, growing most plants from seed—up to 24” box size, and by trading products with other AZ growers.
  • Because we grow most of our own plants and trees, we are not only able to keep prices low, but, more importantly, keep quality high.  We grow products like they are in our own yards, because they are.

Take The Time To Look Us Over

  • Our highway frontage is narrow, but don’t let that fool you. We actually go back a quarter mile east.  Take the time to look in all the greenhouses, propagation areas, wholesale/growing spots, cactus zones, and water ponds.


  • Thanks to people just like you, we have become one of the largest retail nurseries in Pinal County. Our emphasis is growing plants for your landscape projects, but our passion is treating customers like you with respect, and helping you be successful with your landscaping dreams.

417 Responses to Cover Page

  1. New Desert Dweller says:

    We just moved to Casa Grande and are looking for a few desert trees. Do you have any 5 gallon trees? Thanks!

    • pinalphil says:

      We do carry some variety of desert trees in 5 gal. Priced at $15. Such as mesquites-velvet, museum, vitex, desert ironwood. Just to name a few. We are currently running sales ad Buy 2 Get 1 half off.

  2. tonya says:

    Hi,pricing on your hollyhocks.?

  3. Susan says:

    Looking for bird of paradise plants and torch bouganvilla… What size do you have and prices please

    Thank you

    • pinalphil says:

      Red Bird of paradise and torch bougainvillea will arrive next week Thursday or Friday. 5gal red birds $14.99, 3gal torch bougainvillea $15.99.

    • pinalphil says:

      We have received the torch glow bougainvillea in 3gallon $15.99.

  4. mary says:

    What kind of fruit trees and cictrus tree go in casa grande and not get real tall.put in front yard

    • pinalphil says:

      You can plant dwarf fruit trees such as peach, nectarine, etc..15gallon $59.99. Bareroot variety will arive in January baretoot priced $28. Citrus-lemon, oranges, grapefruit, tangelo and a few more variety. The 5gal citrus $35 and 15 gal $75.

  5. Sam Khoury says:

    Hello do you sell tall Boxwood plants something in the 5ft height
    im looking to create an instant screen on an area of my fence

    • pinalphil says:

      No we do not have any tall Boxwood on hand but we can check around for 15gal and cost. Will keep you posted within this week on what we find. Thank you Adel:sales

  6. Lauren Michaels says:

    I want to try to grow a GUANÁBANA or Soursop tree (Annona muricata). Any chance of finding a seedling or should I try from seeds? I know it is zone 10 I want to try it here anyway. FL nurseries sell it but they can’t ship to AZ due to citrus restrictions.

    • pinalphil says:

      Hi Lauren, I will check with our suppliers and see if they carry or if they can have some shipped to Arizona from California. I will let know of what i find. Thank you Adel

  7. Barb Waterman says:

    We are having a pool put in our yard and want a shade tree that won’t mess the yard or blow debris into the pool. Suggestions please. Thanks. We just moved to Maricooa and can’t wait to check our the nursery.

    • pinalphil says:

      As far as evergreen trees Australian bottle, Southern Live Oak, African Sumac, pine tree Afghan Pine, Allepo, all of which have a growth of 25′ X 25′ . Smaller growth 10′ X 10’are Majestic tree, Acacia Craspedocarpa (leather leaf), Acacia Anuera.

  8. Sarah H says:

    Hi I’m looking to grow flowers for a wedding next October, Can I get some advice?

    • pinalphil says:

      Sure, if we can help. What kind of flowers are you thinking about for October? Evergreen blooming shrubs or annuals?

      • Sarah H says:

        I’m thinking some of both. I know for sure I want sunflowers if possible.

  9. Ana Vortez says:

    Hello Adel,
    Look foward see you tomorrow
    And with your assistance bring home 4 Rosemarie’s (5. Gallons)
    And 2 blue sages.
    Thank you in advance.
    Mrs. Cortez

    • pinalphil says:

      Good morning Anna, I am off on Mondays Jack is one of the other sales person if youlike to come in he can help. Otherwise i will be back in on Tuesday if you would like to come in than.

    • pinalphil says:

      Hi Anna, we’ve received fresh supply of rosemary plants bush and ground cover in 1 gallon containers and upright bush in 3 gallon containers.

  10. Gloria says:

    Looking for a flordaprince peach tree. Do you have one?

    • pinalphil says:

      Good morning, we do have 15gallon Flordaprince peach on sale $48,regular price $60. Hour Monday-Friday 7:00am-4:00pm, Saturday 7am – 3pm.

  11. Teri says:

    Would like to plant some Pakistan Mulberry and some fig trees, Do you carry these and is October a good month to plant or do I need to wait until spring?

    • pinalphil says:

      Yes we do carry both the Pakistan mulberry and fig trees. The pakistan mulberry we only have in 24″Box priced $159 and 5gallon figs priced $35.99 both of which are on sale 20% OFF now thru end of October. BUS: Mon – Fri 7:00 am – 4:00pm, Saturday 7am – 3pm.

  12. Evie says:

    Hi ,Im looking for a Texas Olive tree ??/ do you know what i’m talking about? They seem to have beautiful white flowers..

    • pinalphil says:

      Good morning Evie, yes we do carry them once in a while. At this time I am all sold out. Maybe getting another supply within a week k.

  13. Steve Shamburg says:

    Thanks for having the creative market. You’ve got a real friendly group of people there.

    • pinalphil says:

      We greatly appreciate your comments. And to let you know about our upcoming event this December 10th from 10 am to 2 pm.

  14. Cynthia Evans says:

    We have an alge eater who has out grown our tank pet smart said you might take him he’s about 6 inches long

    • pinalphil says:

      We gladly take him…but we do not have heated pond. Meaning that he not survive this winter if it gets too cold.

  15. Robert Corrigan says:

    Hello, I’m looking for a mature Palo Verde without thorns
    What are your sizes and prices?

    • pinalphil says:

      We have some beautiful museum palo verdes that are thornless, 24″box and 24gal price $215 with a height of 8ft. 15gal price $70 height 5′-6′. Our business hours today are 7:00am to 1:00pm. Next we return to regular hours Mon – Fri 7am to 4pm, Saturday 7am to 3pm.

  16. Dave Gamez says:

    I saw your ad for Navajo blackberries. When will you have these for sale and when is the recommended planting time? Thank you

    • pinalphil says:

      We have the Navajo Blackberry on stock and are ready to go to your yard. You can plant this blackberries now thru February.

  17. Dave Gamez says:

    I assume that you do sell avocado trees. When will you have them for sale and what type are they. Thanx

    • pinalphil says:

      We do noy carry Avocado trees…but can check with our suppliers if they have any ready. But the best time to plant is in spring. …although the Avocado trees do not take heat or cold very well. Need to provide shade and plenty of moisture for summer and protect when temperature drop 40 degrees to 20 degrees.

  18. Karen says:

    Do you sell, or know where we can find piñon saplings?

    • pinalphil says:

      We do not sell the saplings but our supplier of the large pines is located in New Mexico. They may carry the pinon saplings. I will check with them tomorrow and send you information back.

  19. Shari says:

    I am looking for help with our fruit trees, a lemon, orange & lime. Any necessary pruning and/or treatments needed. We are in Arizona City.

    • pinalphil says:

      We can help…we offer pruning service for small citrus trees of max height 10′. We can schedule tomorrow. I will message you for date and time tomorrow. Service is $55 for pruning.

      • Shari says:

        Thank you! If you provide a phone number & good time to call, I can give you my address & phone number.

      • pinalphil says:

        My name is Adel and I will be in from 8am to 4pm, 520-723-4480.

  20. sam khoury says:

    Hello do you stock Pink Pampas in a small size
    Im not thinking large since what ive read it grows fast

    • pinalphil says:

      No we do not the only we have stock is the white pompass. But I will check with our suppliers from the valley if they also carry it.

  21. Lisa Murty says:

    Do you have any pine, aspen, or birch type trees?

    • pinalphil says:

      The only pines we currently have are in 24″Box Eldarica Pine and Aleppo Pine, priced $315 Take full Arizona sun and green year round. We are checking with other suppliers see if they have any Christmas (Eldarica Pine) trees left.

    • pinalphil says:

      The pines we currently have are Eldarica Pine and Aleppo Pine in 2ŕ” Box containers. Which are both great for area and heat.

  22. caesarbc says:

    Are you open today? Today is Monday January 23rd. Your website says you are closed Sundays and Mondays but it also says Monday through Friday hours beginning at 7 a.m.

  23. Jodi says:

    What are the hours for the Creative Market in February?

  24. Mike says:

    Have your spring 15 gal orange trees arrived yet? If not when do you expect them?

    • pinalphil says:

      Hi mike, we are expecting citrus delivery mid-February or end of February. We do not have an exact date yet. We will post it in Facebook and web page once we have them at the nursery.

  25. Michele smith says:

    Do you have any ideas on how to get rid of prickly pear cactus? I bought a home and the yard is overrun by them. I want trees, shrubs and vines but have to get rid of the cacti first

  26. heather says:

    Do you have the thornless mesquites? And can you advise us on a landscape tree for the front yard? We are not here in summer so need something hardy. Prices?

    • pinalphil says:

      We currently have 15gal Chilean Mesquite (thornless) $75 stand at 6feet once in ground. Other types of trees would be museum palo verde, texas ebony, desert ironwood which are drought tolerant.

    • pinalphil says:

      This 15gal are priced $60.

  27. sam says:

    Do you have any Bareroot Peach trees
    And if so will they produce fruit this year
    Thank you for your time

    • pinalphil says:

      We still have peaches in bareroot Earligrande, 1-red baron, 1-babcock, and early amber. Price $23 ea.

      • Sam says:

        If i buy them tomorrow and pot them
        will they produce fruit this year Also
        Do you guarantee your Fruit Trees
        Thank you for your time

      • pinalphil says:

        You can keep them potted in 15gal pots for up to a year. They will produce the 1st year 3-5 fruits and progress on production as the years go. But once you transplant them into the ground from pot you loss a year of production. We have a 30 day guarantee -but we extend if we get a call that you have noticed any problems with trees. If our advice does not help we replace the tree at no cost to you.

  28. Sam says:

    Do you sell your Plant pots
    One large enough for a Peach tree
    to remain in until September
    Thank you for your time

  29. Lauren Michaels says:

    Do you have any Salvia Apiana White Sage plants for sale?

    • pinalphil says:

      Sorry, we do not have any on stock. But will be checking with our.suppliers from north os Arizona see if they grow any. If so they would be 5 gal size container cost varies from $15 to $19.

  30. Diane says:

    Do you carry a tree called flowering purple leaf plum or is it recommended for az??
    Thank you

    • pinalphil says:

      Yes we do carry the purple flowering plum trees in bareroot $39 and 24gal in $215.

    • pinalphil says:

      The tree does wonderful here and it is beautiful tree with beautiful purple leaves and pink flowers.

  31. Jackie Chapman says:

    Do you have mykos

    • pinalphil says:

      Sorry we do not carry and have also checked with our suppliers and also don’t carry.

  32. Nancy nemec says:

    Hi. Wondering if you sell fire stick plants and if they do well in this area. What sizes and the cost? Thanks

    • pinalphil says:

      Hi sorry for delay response. Yes we do carry firesticks and do very well out here. Only need to protect if we have temperature of 35 degrees or lower. 3gallon $25 and 1gallon $10

  33. DIane says:

    Do you have any Texas Mountain Laurel tree/shrub?

    • pinalphil says:

      Only 1gal.size at this time. By next week Thursday or Friday we will have 5gallon $19.99 and 15gallon $75. If you like we can add you to the waiting list. Please provide us with name and phone number or we can notify thru email from this page.

  34. Marcia says:

    Do you have any thivitas plants?

    • pinalphil says:

      We are currently out. There will be another supply arriving in a week in 5 gallon priced $17

    • pinalphil says:

      Hi Marcia, we found only 1-5gallon thevetia bush on hand. There will be more available until end of April.

  35. Hayden says:

    What are your hours?

  36. Seth says:

    Looking for some berry plants, do you guys carry blackberry and boysenberry plants?

    • pinalphil says:

      We are currently out of blackberry plants but still have strawberry plants im 1gallon priced at $5.

    • pinalphil says:

      BlackBerry wil be available again in January 2018. We are checking with our suppliers of which of them carry bosenberry plants or if anybare still available.

  37. Mary Landrum says:

    I am needing a tree to hide a chicken coop that stands about 3 ft. over my wall , and is at least 6 ft. wide , in Arizona city

    • pinalphil says:

      Australian bottle tree or acacia salicina both are green year round, with a growyh of 3- 4 ft a year, with mature growth of 20- 30 ft heighy and width. Or Sissoo tree- Indian rosewood: green year round, does drop some leaves during summers, grows 6ft a year, full growth is 30 x 30.

  38. Carolyn Hills says:

    Do you carry the Honey Jar Jujube? A member of the Az Rare Fruitgrowers Club in Phx told me at their meeting tonight that you might. Thx!

    • pinalphil says:

      No, sorry we do not carry jujube honey. Only wildflower, mesquite, n cats claw.

      • Carolyn Hills says:

        Sorry, I was looking for the Honey Jar Jujube TREE. Can’t seem to find it anywhere in Phx. A member of the Rare Fruit Growers Club in Phx told me you might stock them. Thx.

      • pinalphil says:

        Tree, okay we have some growing but will be ready until July in 5gal size tree.

      • Carolyn Hills says:

        Great, thanks! Can I reserve one? Can I call with VISA info and pre-pay? Thx!

  39. Mary Landrum says:

    ! need a tree to hide a chicken coop that stands about 4″ over my block wall, and is approximately 6″ wide. Any suggestions? What do you have? Thank-you

    • pinalphil says:

      The best yrees for blocking view on chicken coop are Australian bottle tree, Acacia salicina, and souhtern live oak. All 15 gal trees $75

  40. Danielle says:

    Do you carry Thevitia? If so how much and how big?

  41. Gary Yaeger says:

    I’m I to late to have my fruit trees cut back, lime , lemons, oranges Thanks Gary
    Palm Creek

    • pinalphil says:

      Yes, best to wait until October. Because of fruit setting on trees and sun burn damage cause after trimming with high temperatures.

  42. Mary says:

    Do you sell local honey?

  43. Celena says:

    Do you have any white sage? Salvia Apiana?

    • pinalphil says:

      We do not have at the time. But are searching for this type of white sage (herbal).

  44. Marjorie Schuster says:

    I am looking for a small live Wisteria for Casa Grande

    • pinalphil says:

      We have but only in 15gal containers, They stand at 3 feet in height $60. . No 5gal wisteria. Tommorow 15% off.

  45. Diane says:

    Good afternoon, I am looking for a local arborist that can assist me with my trees. I have a lemon, dwarf orange, and an Australian bottle brush. My leaves on the lemon and orange are turning yellow and brown I do not know if that’s not getting enough water or if it’s getting sunburnt help please and thank you

    • pinalphil says:

      Hi Diane, are you able to email or text pictures of trees yo see how they look if it is heat or lack of water. Email is or text to 520-371-9220. Pictures will help me identify the provlem is there is any. My name is Adel. Please include phone # if you email so I may call you in regards to problem.

  46. Lena says:

    I am so excited and so happy to let you know that my Mesquite and Pomegranate trees that i purchased from you in June are doing absolutely amazing in South Carolina. I am beyond happy and so thankful to you for your help and tips on how to plant them and take care.
    Besides, eggs that we purchased were delicious and Mesquite honey was so tasty.
    Thank you so much for your amazing customer service, high quality plants and all the knowledge that you share. Cant wait to come back and get olive tree 😉
    Thank you!

  47. Bobbi Collard says:

    Hi… you have dwarf avocado &/or citrus trees?

    • pinalphil says:

      Dwarf citrus will be arriving mid-September thru fall of and on. We can add you to citrus waiting list. And of course thats best for planting citrus. 5gal $45.

  48. Lucy Russo says:

    Hi All,
    Love you guys.
    Just a suggestion, Would be helpful if you had the dates of the posts knowing that the sale dates are of this year or not.

  49. sam says:

    Hi i have two corners
    id like to plant trees in
    I would like to find something
    short about 10ft or less
    and colored Lavender or a shade close
    to it and one that flowers

    I was looking at Crape Myrtle Tree
    but too high too wide Any suggestions
    and an idea of cost for one around 6ft tall
    Thanks for your time

    • pinalphil says:

      Well crape mytles are good you can also keep them short by trimming them down during fall cool weather. Others are like the purple orchid and vitex tree, or Texas Mountain Laurel- Sopgora tree.

  50. Denise says:

    Do you guys sell avocado and moringa trees?

    • pinalphil says:

      Avocados ($35-5gal) are available in springaround mid-February and we carry moringa trees ($24.99-5gal, $6.99-4″pot) year round.

      • Denise says:

        How realistic is it to grow an avocado tree in Florence? I hear they are difficult to grow down here. Do you also have pomegranate trees?

        Thank you so much!

      • pinalphil says:

        It can be done because they are cold hardy. The only is making sure to find a shady area for summer to grow the avocado, like under mature trees.

      • pinalphil says:

        Yes, we do carry (5gal $14.99 and 15gal $60) pomegranate bush which can be shaped into trees.

      • pinalphil says:

        The moringa trees are on sale 5gal $14.99 thrun end of September.

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