Meet the Team

Phil Bond, Owner and Landscaper/Designer, Pinal County’s first master gardener. He has taught vocational agriculture and horticulture courses for over 30 years and is a third generation Arizonan.

Adel Diego, Manager, has been with the Avocado Nursery for 19 years.

Joyce Partain, Sales

Marisol Rodriguez, Landscaper/Designer

Lupe, Landscaper

Mayra, Landscaper

36 thoughts on “Meet the Team

    1. What variety of long-thorned bushes are you looking for? Are the Bougainvillea, Hackberry, or Pomegranate?

    1. Not sure what kind of plant that is. Can you describe the leaf and if any flowers? Just two inches thorned is not enough to see what plant you are looking for. Or do have a picture of plant you are looking for?

    2. Hi my name is Aaron and I would like to know if you guys carry blood orange

      1. Citrus is available between October thru March. Includes blood orange trees. 5gal $45 and 15gal $95

  1. Looking for a Arbutus Andrachne…redish bark with really green foliage. Do you carry this and if so what size/cost, etc. Thanks

    1. I am sorry, we do not carry as of yet. But there might a nursery in Apache Junction the nursery name- Tropica Mango.

  2. I’m looking for large quantities of Perlite? Everywhere I look they have like little 8 ounce bags… LOL can ya help me out?

    1. We will be receiving an order of 3 cubic feet bags of perlite by next week Friday. If you are interested in waiting we can give you a call as soon as the order comes in. Thank you

  3. Dear Sir/Madame,
    Greetings from Avo Biotech Co., Ltd in Hainan, China! After thorough research, we learn that the distinctive earthscapes is a successful company in producing, and marketing the finest Hass avocados. Being your potentially best tropical partner from China, we sincerely suggest a possibility to jointly produce Hass locally here in Hainan Province, and wish to receive your favorite response.
    Being a company holding both vast arable land and best tropical plants research team, being in such a dynamic era of development from all respect in China, Avo Biotech believes that the future of mutual cooperation between us would be brilliant and productive for sure.
    Should you have any interest in the cooperation, please feel free to reach us as undersigned. We are looking forward to hearing from you and will be ready for more comprehensive exchanging of ideas.
    Sincerely yours
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    Yolanda wang

  4. Do you ever do any programs off-site? I am the manager at McFarland State Historic Park in Florence, and I am planning programs for 2018. Someone told me they heard you give a very interesting talk on native plants. If you do go off-site, would you please tell me what programs you provide, the cost, and any details? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Susan, my name is Adel, Phil’s assistant and one of the sales gals at the nursery. I will check with Phil about talks and any other details you may need. He does many of his talks here at the nursery grounds.

  5. There many columnar cactus as you describe. Small as 3ft or little taller? Here a few 3ft and up: Golden Torch 4-5ft, mexican fence post 5-15 ft, senita 8-15 ft.

  6. We’re looking for a heat and full sun loving, relatively fast growing trellising desert vine to replace some very old, dying Jasmine vines on the east side of our Northeast patio. I have read about the Mexican flame Vine but don’t know whether it is invasive in this growing zone. Can you recommend something and do you have anyting at Avocado Nursery that might work for us? We want to plant in probably October this year. Thank you.

    1. I would recommend the tangerine beauty vine also known as Cross Vine with Orange trumpet flowers , green year round, self attaching, fast growing. 5gal $20

  7. Do you carry any Sugar Bush plants…?

    1. Sugar available during the fall (November thru mid-March) 5hal $25 or 15gal $85.

  8. Hi my name is Aaron and I am looking for a blood orange do you guys have those By any chance

    1. Sorry we are currently out. But are waiting for another order that should hopefully arrive by end of May. Wiyld you like ua to add you to our waiting list.

  9. Hi my name is Aaron and I am looking for a blood orange do you guys carry those by any chance

  10. Do you have avocado trees at your nursery

    1. We do not currently have in stock. Its a seasonal product. Usually between February to Mid-March.

  11. Do you have any of the following in stock, 15 gallon bucket. Summer lilac, Orange Jubilee, Vitex Angus and if so what is the price. Thanks you.

  12. I have full sun and was thinking of planting a pistachio tree but looks like you don’t carry them. Can you recommend something that’s not real messy? Just removed Palo Verda cuz it kept falling over. Absolutely do not want mestique.

    1. A pistachio is deciduous meaning that it drops all its’ leaves every winter….from December to February.

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