Few Herbs as mosquito Repellent-Find at the Avocado Nursery


A simple repellent spray is made by adding 1 cup dried rosemary to a quart of water, boiling it in a pot for 20 to 30 minutes. Pour a quart of cool water into another container (that holds at least half a gallon), then strain the rosemary water into the container. (homeguides.com)


Lavender can be used as an oil base rubbed on skin to help with mosquito control. Another way is using the lavender as an incense-trim 3 (3 inch stems) burn in center of your sitting area for best control (light stem and make sure to turn of flame and just let sit as it burns slowly). Please!! Do Not Leave Unattended


Lemon Grass contains citronella oils used widely as mosquito repellent. Lemon grass oils can be used as mosquito repellent. It is said that the leaves can also be burned (Ple!! Do Not Leave Unattended if burning) and use as incense to repellent this pesky insects.


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