Farm Eggs


3 thoughts on “Farm Eggs

  1. Resently my son had his septic serviced. They found that tree roots were in leach line and they poured something down leach line to kill roots. It has also killed the tree now. There is some green in the small branches. Is there anything you can suggest we can use to bring the tree back???
    You have done work for us and our neighbors Bob and Edy Trickel on Indiana Drive.
    Thank you.
    LaRee & Bob Fleming

    1. So you what kind of tree that is? And was this the tree that was setting roots in the leach line?

    2. With slow trickle from water hose for one whole day…thank mix in 5 gallon water 2 cups of miracle grow to stimulate roots again. After treatment than it will be just waiting til beginning of March see if growth starts.

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