7 thoughts on “Citrus new arrival

  1. What are your prices for 5 and 15 gal. lemon and grapefruit trees?

    1. Citrus 5gal $45 and 15gal $95. We currently have a few in 5gal and 15gal. No dwarf avaible until end of March.

    2. We’ve received a new supply of citrus trees….mostly 5gal $45. 15gal gal limited to Mexican lime, dwarf grapefruit, and dwarf lemon.

  2. Connie magallanes says:

    Mulberry male trees

    1. No male Mulberry only fruiting mulberry in 24 gallon size containers at $215.

  3. Landscaper moved from N.Y.Looking to learn Arizona Plants and Landscapes .Times on dates and classes and any craft shows. THANKYOU

    1. We have taken the summer off on educational workshops due to weather. Workshops will start up again in September 2nd week. And for our Craft shows….this is pending for the October month. You can get updates at our Facebook page and instagram. We also advertise in at the TriVally and Casa Grande Dispatch.

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