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  • Acres of plants meant to grow in this area (Casa Grande, Phoenix, Tucson, and throughout Pinal County).  We have two growing areas in Arizona- Douglas and Casa Grande.


  • The majority of our greenery is grown by us.  These plants have lived in this climate all their lives; they can take the extreme temperatures.


  • Here at Distinctive Earthscapes, we have four (4) Master Gardeners from the University of Arizona, and everyone comes from a landscaping background.
  • Phil Bond, owner, has taught vocational agriculture and horticulture courses for over 30 years and is a third generation Arizonan.
  • There is no place on earth that can better serve you with your planting and landscaping needs in Arizona.


  • Bring in a plant plan and we will help sketch and arrange a distinctive landscape for you.


  • We keep prices low by having our own water wells, being out of city limits, growing most plants from seed—up to 24” box size, and by trading products with other AZ growers.
  • Because we grow most of our own plants and trees, we are not only able to keep prices low, but, more importantly, keep quality high.  We grow products like they are in our own yards, because they are.

Take The Time To Look Us Over

  • Our highway frontage is narrow, but don’t let that fool you. We actually go back a quarter mile east.  Take the time to look in all the greenhouses, propagation areas, wholesale/growing spots, cactus zones, and water ponds.


  • Thanks to people just like you, we have become one of the largest retail nurseries in Pinal County. Our emphasis is growing plants for your landscape projects, but our passion is treating customers like you with respect, and helping you be successful with your landscaping dreams.

265 Responses to Cover Page

  1. Danielle says:

    Do you have any pony tail trees?

  2. pinalphil says:

    Around at 5-6 ft.

  3. pinalphil says:

    Width 2 fet wide

  4. Rosie Lewis says:

    Would you happen to have Easter Lily cactus and albuca spiralis?

    • pinalphil says:

      Yes on the Easter lily cactus 1gal and 5gal. No on albuca spiralis. Hopefully to have some soon.

    • Rosie Lewis says:

      I was recently given a small Christmas cactus and calls for using porous soil. What is and do you have of this type of soil?
      Also, do you still have Easter Lily cactus available?

      • pinalphil says:

        Okay, you are in luck, I have bag set aside of the porous cactus mix. 8qt bag $7.99.

    • Rosie Lewis says:

      Do you have anymore Easter Lily cactus? Also, recently bought two small Christmas cactus and calls for using porous soil. What is and do you have this type of soil?

      • pinalphil says:

        We do have Easter Lily cactus in both 1gallon and 5gallon. As for porus soil I will need to check Monday how many bags are left. I do believe there’s 1 bag left. Will confirmed this coming week.

  5. Ken says:

    Hi, do you have any potted Ocotillo plants, if so what size and price please, Thanks, Ken

  6. Larry says:

    Do you have a tree person to come by our house to look at our trees

    • pinalphil says:

      Yes we do Sir. Marisol or Adel can do the diagnostic. I will check our calendar to let you know when either if them is available. Thank you.

  7. Rofaye yard says:

    I am looking for a Duranta Erecta Alba, I can find the bluish/purple but I am having difficulty locating the white version. Thank you.

    • pinalphil says:

      Same with us here we only found it in spring last year. But we are checking with our suppliers if any of them have the white flower duranta.

  8. Brenda Leamons says:

    what is the best time of the yearto plant Chilean Mesquite in Arizona City Arizona

  9. Rosie Lewis says:

    Fo you have adenium

  10. Mark says:

    do you have any citrus trees, fruit trees or nut trees in stock now?

    • pinalphil says:

      New supply of citrus arriving in mid-March. Other variety of fruit trees will arrive this coming January as bareroot(not containerized).

  11. Lillian says:

    Do you have any Dalbersia Sissoo trees? I’m looking for fast growing shade trees, that will do well in this area.

  12. Robert W. Schrader says:

    Quote for two Mediterranean Palms, planted 1382 E. Jardin Drive, Casa Grande, AZ, please.

    • pinalphil says:

      Quote 2-15gal $56.25 per palm + tax, 67.50 planting and 35 delivery total $222.54. Or quote for 2-24gal at 472.5 + tax, planting 135, delivery 45 with total $684.16. Here 2 choices.

    • pinalphil says:

      Let us know you decision.

  13. Deborah Buie says:

    Do you have an email contact? I have a picture of a “weed” that I found in my yard, & don’t know if it is nuisance weed or if it is edible. Obviously, I won’t eat it unless I know.

  14. Bill Chrisman says:

    I am looking for Mexican oregano starts. Do you have any?

  15. Cathleen Rafferty says:

    Hi – Do you have any Angelita Daisies? I need at least one and perhaps two. Thanks!

    • pinalphil says:

      Small ones in 3 gallon containers. But we’re expecting another order this coming Thursday hopefully there will be some looking good in 1gallon.

  16. Amy O'Neil says:

    We are looking to redo our backyard! Do you do backyard landscaping beyond just the plants? Thank you!

    • pinalphil says:

      No, sorry. It’s mostly plant install and design of plant display. We do have some landsacpers that would do more of what you may be looking for. TriVally Landscape, Guerrero Landscape, & Age Lanscape.

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